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WCSB has engaged Canadian Discovery Ltd. and GLJ Petroleum Consultants Ltd. to act as Technical Advisor to assist where appropriate, with the evaluation of prospective WCSB Joint Ventures, and to conduct valuations of WCSB subsidiary company’s flow-through shares that are the subject of an Offer.

Canadian Discovery Ltd.
Formed in 1987, Canadian Discovery, led by Kaush Rakhit M.Sc., P.Geol., has a team of 10 Geologists including geotechnical engineers, exploration analysts and geological technicians who are experienced in the evaluation of low to medium risk exploration opportunities. Canadian Discovery offers consultancy services to assist energy companies to analyze current exploration activity, production results, and industry trends throughout Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Arctic frontiers. Canadian Discovery’s team of experienced geologists, and programmers, provide a professional level of expertise and ability that is state-of-the-art.

Canadian Discovery was founded on the belief that data can be analyzed to become information, information can be interpreted to become knowledge, and knowledge can be applied, by their clients, to make astute investment decisions.

GLJ Petroleum Consultants Ltd..
GLJ Petroleum Consultants Ltd. is a private Canadian company established in 1972.

The firm provides independent engineering and geological consulting services to the petroleum industry. Services include rigorous economic evaluations, technical studies, advice and opinions.

Internationally recognized as a leader in oil and gas asset evaluations, the firm's detailed analyses encompassing all aspects of petroleum exploration, development and production have spanned the globe.

For over 30 years GLJ has remained committed to delivering timely, accurate and reliable services to a long and growing list of clients.